"Bubu bubu bu bu bu!"
— The sound Bubu frequently makes

Bubu is a minor supporting character in Stella Glow and Popo's pet migratory pig.

Bubu serves as the 'cute animal' mascot for Stella Glow, appearing in the corner of loading screens and as a keychain that came with the Launch Edition of the game.

Appearance Edit

Bubu has a star-shaped mark on the left side of its body, close to it's hind leg, though whether this is a birthmark or an imprint made by Popo is not specified

Personality Edit

History Edit

Prior to Main Events Edit

Three years prior to becoming domesticated, Bubu was part of a herd of migratory pigs. One stormy night, Bubu was separated from its herd while migrating through South Valley and was happened upon by Popo.

Popo would take the pig into her isolated hut in the hills, where the two would live together.

Chapter 2 - The Windy Hills Edit

When Popo first meets Alto and brings him to her hut, she is quick to introduce Bubu as her "friend and roommate".

When Popo joins Alto and the 9th Regiment, Bubu is brought along to Lambert and finds new residence in Popo's room in the knights barracks.

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